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  • Pay is good, giving jobs to everyone. Happy, friendly workers and close to home.

    —Line Worker

  • Pay is good, my boss is friendly, my ESL teacher is good.


  • Pay is good, giving jobs to everyone. Good communication, and happy friendly workers. Work is close to home and there’s ESL class.

    —Line Worker

  • I could write a book on why I like to work at Buddy’s Kitchen!!! There are so many caring, energetic, hardworking, amazing people all the way from the warehouse to production to the Executive team. It doesn’t matter who you are or what your position is. At Buddy’s, you are respected and you MATTER as a person. We have good benefits and competitive pay. We all work as a team and we have fun as a team. I can honestly say I love my job I love work at Buddy’s!!! I wouldn’t work anywhere else!!!

    —Customer Service Manager

  • I like Buddy’s Kitchen because it is a happy, fun place--- good job.

    —Line Supervisor

  • It is a blessing to work at Buddy’s Kitchen. The atmosphere of Buddy’s Kitchen is always positive. I’ve witness great team work and leadership here. My experiences working here at Buddy’s Kitchen has been great from day one. I like working at Buddy’s Kitchen because it always gives me a smiling face.

    —Q&A Technician

  • I see Buddy’s Kitchen as a fun company to work with. I like working with fun team members. The managers are good to me.

    —Machine Operator

  • Buddy’s Kitchen is the first full time position I’ve held after college, and I could not be more delighted and grateful to have experienced the transition at Buddy’s. The culture, values, experience and learning that I get to be a part of at Buddy’s Kitchen are all reasons that I enjoy coming to work every day!

    —R&D Technician

  • Friendly, good boss, comfortable place, and team workers.

    —Production Manager

  • I like to work at Buddy’s Kitchen, because I like to work in food company and managers are amazing. I learn more experience from them, especially Dave Smith; he always thinks about employees and he brings us ESL class.”

    —Line Supervisor

  • Being part of a supportive team that is very focus and driven

    —Line Supervisor

  • Buddy’s provides a supportive management team and staff creating a strong positive work ethics.

    —HR Admin

  • I like working at Buddy’s because we are an Honest company. Honest to our customer and to our employees. I like our core values and I believe they make Buddy’s a great place to work. I like how everyone is friendly and make coming to work fun every day. I also like how our upper management treats the employees.”

    —Inventory Control Analyst

Job Openings

QA, Sanitation, Line Supervisor, Assembly, Warehouse workers
Pay Range: $11-20/ hourly